In this video, we hear from Alex Haywood, co-founder of AXIA Futures, a proprietary trading firm with offices in London and Poland. Axia Futures implemented Journalytix in mid 2018 and use it on a daily basis across the firm. We recently asked them to put together a video, outlining the ways they use and benefit from the tools. What we got back was a lot more than we thought we’d get – this excellent 8 minute video that not only outlines the way they benefit from the tools but also reveals some of the innovative ways they approach trader improvement. On top of that, it looks at the way they keep on top of market changes – because not all changes in performance come from a change on behalf of the traders.

Their improvement process isn’t just for their less experienced traders at the start of their trading journey. At one point, Alex discusses a trader looking to increase his clip size (max position size) to 1,000 contracts and how he’s using Journalytix to help in that endeavor. In another part, Alex discusses how they use the tools when market volatility shifts, something we all experienced at the end of 2018. As these shifts occur, AXIA traders are looking at the performance to see which techniques/instruments/times etc. saw improved or degraded performance. Instead of just looking at overall P&L when the market has shifted, AXIA zoom in to see the impact of this shift, so they can defensively reduce exposure to area where losses have increased and aggressively focus on areas where the conditions boosted performance.

Alex also discussed the general lack of decent analytics in the marketplace and how prior to Journalytix, they were really trying to move forward with few data points. How many in the proprietary (and retail) trading space are trying to optimize their trading operation with a single data point – P&L.

There’s more in there too and Alex just focuses on a few areas of the product. It’s an excellent insight into the way smart Proprietary firms like AXIA Futures are improving their performance.