We are excited to announce we’ve finally got the recording up for Brett Steenbarger’s recent event “Taking Your Journals & Your Performance to the Next Level”

Dr Brett Steenbarger has been working with professional traders for many years. He’s published a number of books on trading psychology and he coaches traders in  hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and investment banking groups. For retail traders, it’s a great opportunity to have insights into how that world works and how they see the trader development process. Whilst he doesn’t publish lists of clients he works with, some of his clients such as SMB Capital are quite vocal about how much Brett helps. His “TraderFeed” blog is one of the most popular trading blogs around.

In this session, Brett will discussed the Journaling aspect of Trader Performance Improvement. As we’d expect, Brett has us thinking outside the box in terms of goals and benefits of journaling with topics such as

  • Journal goals & Review Points
  • Categories of benefits (e.g. idea generation, sizing, risk management, self management)
  • Team Journaling
  • Best Practices
  • Monthly Review Process
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Brett’s Personal Experience

The webinar will be part presentation with a healthy chunk of time allocated to Q&A. As always, this is an amazing opportunity to hear from one of the most trusted industry professionals and should not be missed by anyone serious about their trading.

Note that the reason it took so long to produce is that we had to get it professionally subtitled as the audio was lousy. So make sure you have the subtitles on because the content is pure gold!