With any sport (and a lot of professional endeavors), keeping your edge and improving is something you do separately from competing. You compete, you train, you improve your weak spots. In our webinar entitled “Trader Improvement – Implementing a Practical Process to Improve your Performance”, we looked at just how to do that. With a non-intrusive, painless plan to get you to find and fix the issues with your trading.

For a lot of traders, there is no process of improvement. Retail traders tend to be either clicking buy and sell OR looking for a new way to trade. Very few people are engaged in finding and correcting their weak spots. Rather, they keep re-inventing themselves.

So if you want to find all your weak spots and eradicate them one by one – you need an process to do so. And here it is:

And a short addendum video to show the tag entry as the markets were closed when we did this!