Well, hats off to Rich Friesen for an amazing webinar this week. This is a subject close to my own heart as I’d previously discovered my own “self sabotage blocks” in a training course in Singapore, so I know how real this stuff is, where it comes from (in my case) and how it can hold you back.

Trading absorbs your time and money. Most of the traders I work with spend a year or more, sometimes many many years developing their practice. They have spent thousands of dollars on applications, strategies, hardware, software and training. Some have blown out one or more trading accounts. They have given up many other of life’s opportunities. It is clear they “own” the downside and have had to absorb the risk

But you say, “It is worth it! Look at the potential!” And this is right, the potential is huge. You can be your own boss, trade from your home, leverage your skills as you become consistently profitable. You can earn enough to take care of those you love, your retirement and create financial freedom for yourself.

Here is the problem that you probably won’t believe.

Most traders are not able to handle consistent success and wealth. Their determination, drive and dreams keep them struggling with the challenges. But even after they have a profitable strategy, something goes wrong… terribly wrong. Often they will make money consistently for some period of time…then in a few days, lose a significant amount of their trading capital, or even blow out an account.

How does this happen? We don’t have a clear vision of what it is like to be successful. Our family history, work ethic, judgments about wealth, lack of worthiness, fears of losing our ethical values all rear their ugly heads when we are on the road to success.

This presentation, “Conversations with Money” faces these challenges directly. I will give you a clear framework and outline of how we are willing to absorb our downside and the causes of sabotaging our upside. We will look at new ways to value your contributions as a trader and to free up all the subconscious voices that limit your upside potential.