We are really excited to announce the release of Profit Seeker, a new trader performance tool that promises to transform your trading by giving you the data points you need to turbo-boost to your trade plan. Developed at the request of a number of leading proprietary trade firms, Journalytix introduces true Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities to the world of trading. Outside of trading, all sectors of all industries rely on business analytics and BI tools to fine tune their business plans. The world of trading is still in the dark ages in that respect – where people have little to go on other than P&L and antiquated reports. Until now that is – with “Profit Seeker”, the ultimate trader performance toolset.

Simply put, good analytics will allow you to make better decisions and what to trade and how to trade it. For some this will help you move away from setups and behaviors that are causing you to be a net loser. For others it will help them improve the profits they are already making.

Users can navigate years of trade data in seconds, looking at it from different angles, finding combinations of factors that work well and those that don’t. Trader performance is enhanced by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t, but with traditional tools, these aren’t so easy to find. Not only can you find these patterns you can also perform “what if” analysis. For example how will trader performance be impacted if we stopped trading on a day we lost 3 consecutive trades in a row. Just set the rule, click apply and the results are with you in seconds. No long waits for the system to crunch numbers, you can test different scenarios over and over again with instantaneous results.

Not only can you zoom in & out, drill up and down but with any set of results, a single click will take you to the actual trade list, so you can flip between summary and detail in an instant. This one of a kind solution is only available from Journalytix. To check out Profit Seeker, watch the video below. Click here to sign up for Journalytix.