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Trader Performance, Risk Monitoring, Recruitment.

Journalytix is helping Proprietary Trading Firms across the globe make informed decisions about the direction of their trading operations. Both in terms of longer term strategic changes and in optimizing their reaction to external factors such as overall changes in market conditions. Real Time and Historical Analysis reveals patterns in your trading data that have previously been hidden from view. These profound insights help to ensure firms are maximizing the profits from their trading operations. In addition, Journalytix is enabling firms to drastically reduce recruitment costs, allowing them to monitor external traders with very little time and effort but with a high degree of accuracy.

Getting integrated to Journalytix is fast and painless. In many cases, all that’s needed is to install a small application on 1 PC in your office. Each trader gets a unique log on to the Journalytix server from which they can work with their own trade data. Management get a login to see all activity across the firm.

Case Study – Axia Futures

In this 8 minute Video, Co-Founder Alex-Haywood discusses how they use the Journalytix Tools in their firm.

  • Traders from trainee up to their elite traders are all actively using the tools.
  • How one trader is using the tools on his journey to reach a clip size of 1,000 contracts,
  • Using the tools to quickly identify what’s working best as the market pace changes.
  • How adding just a little information to the trades can boost the capabilities of the analytics.


Privacy & Integration

Privacy, Security & Integration

Your privacy and the security of your data is important to us. Journalytix is a cloud based system with an integration layer that transports your trade data to the cloud. There’s a number of options for configuring the system:

  • Journalytix Cloud Server – your data is encrypted & stored securely on our cloud servers hosted on Amazon AWS.
  • Your Cloud Server – we’ll set up a server for you on Amazon AWS and then hand all control/passwords to you. If we need to get in for support, you can temporarily give us access.
  • Your Back-Office Server – we’ll install the software on a server of your choice, which you will run and we’ll support on demand.


For the integration layer, we have the option of server or trading platform integration. Most firms have a mixture of both. For example, you might have server based TT Rest integration for your team but on the recruitment side, have traders being trialed hooking in via their home trading platforms.

Real Time Trading Assistant

Being able to segment and report on various aspects of each day is an invaluable tool. Both the market and the trader can have ‘off days’ and a key element of trader development is to be able to examine and reflect on errant trading behavior. Both historically but more importantly as the day plays out, so that you can react early to a day that is going awry. The Day Overview is an essential tool in the trader and managers toolkit.

  • Team/Group/Trader level views
  • P&L, Risk & Economic News Charting
  • Multi-Currency Position Blotter
  • Real Time Audio News Feed (see below)
  • Relevant scheduled economic releases (customizable by country) for that day. With 5 minute & 1 minute warnings
  • Open and Closed Trade lists with running P&L and trade notes/tags integration


Traders and managers can quickly scroll though daily history as well as looking to future days to see the economic release schedules.

Real Time Assist

P&L Calendar

P&L Calendar

The P&L Calendar gives you an overview of the month/day/week, showing you changes in performance over time in a concise, compact view.


  • Rapidly scroll through months of data, for each day showing  Trade counts, Win Rates, P&L, Max DD, Max Gain,
  • Zoom into specific periods of interest down to the hour
  • Zoom into day overview to get a handle on how the day played out from a P&L, News and Risk perspective
  • Segment Calendar by groups of traders & individual traders
  • Easy access to blotter, journal, analytics

Talent Acquisition

Recruitment and Intern Education can be a frustrating, hit & miss process. With Journalytix, you drastically change the model. Cast the net wide and on-board prospective talent and let them show you how they perform.

  • On-board prospective traders in seconds
  • Monitor their performance as they trade from their home/office
  • Feel secure in the fact that there’s no manual uploads, so no way for them to cheat/game the system
  • Monitor their performance from your office in real time


This give you a no-cost way to supplement your existing recruitment processes.

Recruitment Assist

Real Time News

Real Time Audio/Text Financial News Feed

Integrated into the Day Overview is our Real Time Audio & Text News Feed. Financial news, as it happens – 24 hours a day. This feature alone, is worth the subscription price.


  • Real-time Audio & Text news from over 75 news sources such as Bloomberg, CNBC, MarketWatch, Reuters, Zero Hedge, Zacks, Seeking Alpha etc.
  • Filter news to show only the events that impact your trading.
  • Highlighting for Filters, to draw your eye to the key facts about any news release.
  • Pick and Choose the news outlets you want to see, so you don’t see news that’s not relevant  (e.g. Futures Traders may block Crytpo Currency news)
  • Headline & summary view plus links to the full article.
  • Historical news view for previous days – check the key events that occurred that day.
  • Choose the voice of the news reader to suit your preference.

Analytics Dashboard

The Dashboard display is the hub for performance analytics. Compare different trading periods and groups of traders and zoom into data for any customer group of individuals, instruments, accounts or trade type/trade tag. During trading time or Later, additional tagging information and trade types can be quickly entered for positions, giving you infinite ways to categorize your data:

  • Trade distribution by hour / day of the week
  • Performance by hour / day of the week
  • Trade distribution / performance by account, tag, trade type, instrument, trading group
  • Performance by Instrument.
  • Numerous ‘traditional statistics” (e.g. avg holding times, profit factor, avg win/loss P&L etc)
  • Run ‘what if’ scenarios e.g. by instrument
  • Compare different periods for all metrics to assess performance improvement


Additional statistics can be built in very quickly, on request.

Journalytix Dashboard

Journal Queue & Notifications

Journal Queue & Notifications

At login, the Day Overview presents traders and managers with relevant scheduled economic releases (pre-selected by country) for that day, alongside, a snapshot of individual or team performance, risk profile, day/trade notes and interactive P&L Charts.

Traders and managers can scroll though daily history as well as looking to future days to see the economic release schedule.

WYSIWYG Voice Activated Trade Journal

A fully functional WYSIWYG editor to enter trade and/or day notes. With speech-to-text audio dictation supporting over 130 language variants. Don’t type, just talk & your words will be converted to fully searchable text and tags. When dont just say “Talk Save” to save the notes. Of course, you can type too!


  • Paste images in seconds (no file upload needed)
  • Embed videos
  • Auto Complete for common #Hashtagged items
  • Recently used Tags selector
  • Trade categorization
  • Record Emotional State for 5 key trade metrics
  • Fully Searchable Text with built in search engine

Trade Journal Entry