We are really happy to announce that GAIN Capital and Journalytix have partnered to deliver server side integration.

That means you can use the Journalytix system without having to install any software on your PC to send trades. Instead, your executions will be sent directly to the Journalytix servers from GAIN. It’s really easy to set up and it’s just as fast as having the software installed on your PC. You’ll still see trade notifications in Journalytix within seconds. Just drop an email to GAIN and tell them you are using the service, copy us on the email, so we can do the necessary configuration our side too.

The process is described in the Journalytix manual – click here for more information on this great new feature.

Note that the existing PC based integration is still supported. For longer term traders with exit orders way into the future, that don’t open their platform every day, this is the recommended solution.