We are happy to announce Journalytix Version 2. It’s a complete visual overhaul plus some amazing. ground-breaking features…

Additional Platform Support– BitFinex & Stellar now supported. 

Voice Activated Journaling – You can still type your trade journal but now you can also dictate. Just speak the words and the system will turn them into searchable text. You can add commands like “comma”, “full stop” or “talk save” to save the journal entry. Over 130 language variants are supported, so no matter if your first language is Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, French, German or many year – we have you covered.

Audio News – we have extended the real time news feed to include audio. You can select a voice to have the news read out loud to you, so that you don’t have to keep looking across at the news. You can still select which news will appear and only those selected news will be read to you.

Social Sharing – You can share the various pages from your Jigsaw login across social media. Share dashboards, leaderboards, trade notes, blotter or day overview with other users.

Journalytix Blog – You can also share your pages to the Journalytix Blog. Users can subscribe to you on the blog and you can view other users shared posts on the blog too.

Enhanced Dashboard – The analytics dashboard has been overhauled, so the key stats are at the top in a much easier to assimilate format.

We’ve also changed the way the whole product looks. If version 1 was an ‘8’, then version 2 is definitely a ’10’. Take a look at the video below for a preview of some of the new features.